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Shiva Tech Engineering is the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) in India. High Pressure Die Casting Machine in India is an industrial machine used for manufacturing high-quality castings economically and efficiently. Our casting process uses the high-pressure and high-speed liquid metal to force molten metal into a Mould cavity under high pressure. Our die casting machines offer the high-speed, high-precision, and high-quality outputs. These are widely used across various industries for production of different products and components.

High Pressure Die Casting Manufacturers in India

Uses of Pressure Die Casting Machines

  1. Automotive Industry: produces the engine components, wheels, brake systems, and other related parts.
  2. Aerospace Industry: Our High Pressure Die Casting machines in India can produce parts that require a high degree of accuracy and strength, such as turbine blades, aircraft engine components, and other critical components.
  3. Consumer Electronics: Used in the manufacture of consumer electronics parts such as cell phone casings, laptop bodies, and other related components.
  4. Medical Industry: Our machine is useful in the production of surgical instruments, medical device components, and implants that require high precision and strength.

Exclusive Properties

  1. High Production Rates: Our High Pressure Die Casting machines in India are designed for high-speed and high-pressure operations, which enable them to produce large quantities of products in a short time frame.
  2. Precision and Accuracy: With our HPDC machines, the products are produced with high accuracy and precision, ensuring that the castings meet the required standards.
  3. Low Porosity: The high-pressure applied in the process ensures that the castings have low porosity and fewer defects.
  4. High Tensile Strength: It can produce castings that have high tensile strength, thereby making them ideal for use in high-stress applications.

Product Description

We have extreme pleasure in offering High Pressure Die Casting in India Services of the highest caliber. Our provided services have received excellent reviews from our cherished clients for a variety of related qualities like promptness, perfection, and execution.


Material Customer Require
Capacity 24 Hrs
Usage/Application Industrial
Pressure High Pressure
Corrosion Resistance As Per Material
Delivery Time Depend on qty and size

Frequently Asked Questions

High pressure die casting is the process of fusing metal into mold castings. The metal is then left to solidify and the product created is used for many purposes.

Some of the basic design guidelines for die casting are

  • a) Maintaining even wall thickness.
  • b) Rounding off all the edges and corners
  • c) Smooth blending and continuity of the features.

First, you'll have to provide us with the 2D and 3D drawings of what you're expecting us to make. It's exclusively after we've anatomized the identical we will be equal to tell you further details about it.

Once the analysis of the drawings supplied is done it would take us a maximum of one week to let you know the exact cost and other details.

Getting any product created out of this process is tough, to say the least. still, this doesn't mean that it's costly as we try to supply cost-effective solutions for the same.

Yes, you may do so but we're always open to suggest to you what the best bet in your case is.


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