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Shiva Tech Engineering is the Die moulds manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals work with advanced modern technology and machinery to successfully manage commercial tasks.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified in the design and production of die moulds in India. Our die moulds manufacturers create opportunities for customers by providing excellent product quality and premium materials according to their requirements.

We die moulds suppliers deliver what we promise.We meet deadlines and always aim to exceed customer expectations.

What are Die Moulds?

Die moulds are tools that are used to shape molten metal or resin into desired forms by applying pressure or heat1. Some features of die moulds are: -

  • • Complex cavities and fine details that match the specifications of the final product.
  • • Cooling channels and ejector pins that facilitate the solidification and removal of the cast part.
  • • High durability and precision that allow them to produce consistent and accurate parts.

Benefits of using die moulds

  • • Our die moulds can produce parts that have high quality, reliability, and long service life compared to other methods.
  • • It can produce parts that have low cost, low waste, and high speed by using a single mould design and minimizing material usage.
  • • These moulds can produce parts that have high versatility and complexity by using different alloys and shapes.


Product Name Die Moulds
Brand Shiva Tech Engineering
Clamping Way Mechanical
Hardness (in HRC) 20 – 40
Application Industrial

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Die casting is a process of forming metal parts by forcing molten metal into a mould under high pressure and cooling it.

A: Our Die moulds/ casting offers benefits such as high quality, high reliability, low cost, low waste, and high speed.

A: Die casting can be classified into two main types: hot chamber and cold chamber, depending on the heating method of the metal.


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