Finished Machined Components Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Shiva Tech Engineering is the leading Finished Machined Components Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India. We Provide Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Finished Machined Components in India. Finished Machined Components are the final products that are obtained after machining the raw materials. Our components undergo a series of processes where the materials are shaped, turned, drilled, or milled to produce finely crafted products. These are used in various industrial and manufacturing applications.

Our Finished machined components typically have a high level of precision and accuracy, allowing for a smooth, consistent finish. These are also highly durable, with a long lifespan, and can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. These components are ideal for applications that require a high level of precision and accuracy, such as aerospace and medical devices.

Finished Machined Components Manufacturers in India

Need Of Finished Machined Components

Finished machined components are required when a part requires precise tolerances and surface finishes that cannot be achieved with standard manufacturing processes. These components are typically used in applications where high precision and durability is essential.

Industrial Applications

  1. Aerospace components
  2. Automotive parts
  3. Medical instruments
  4. Industrial machinery and equipment
  5. Hydraulic components
  6. Construction equipment
  7. Oil and gas components
  8. Electrical and electronic equipment.

Features of finished machined components

  1. Accurate dimensions
  2. High precision
  3. Smooth surface finish
  4. Clean edges and corners
  5. Uniformity of texture and appearance
  6. High strength and durability
  7. Low tolerance level
  8. Resistance to wear and tear

Product Description

We are a known manufacturer of Finished Machined Components in India. Products that we offer are customized using quality raw materials.


Usage/Application Industrial
Surface Finish Fine Finish
Type Of Component Precision Machined Part
Surface Treatment As per Customer's requirement
Shape Round, Cylindrical, As per customer's design

Frequently Asked Questions

Our machine shop is equipped with sophisticated production machineries like Precision Machined Components, Finished Machined Components, High Pressure Die Casting, Low Pressure Die Casting, Gravity Die Casting, and Brass Alloy Machine Components

Yes, Shiva Tech Engineering offers custom manufacturing solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements and specificatons of their clients. We work closely with their customers to develop and deliver customized products and components.

Absolutely! Shiva Tech Engineering has the capability to handle both small and large-scale production orders. We have a network of well-equipped manufacturing partners with our in-house team of quality engineers and a skilled workforce to meet varying production demands.

Yes, Shiva Tech Engineering offers sourcing services to help clients find the right suppliers for their manufacturing needs. We have an extensive network of trusted manufacturing partners that are carefully audited and qualified and can assist in identifying reliable sources for materials and components.

Our Precision Machining Manufacturing Unit is located at Sr. No. 59/1 Plot No 3, Chavisawadi Chahroli, Pune - 412105, Maharashtra, India

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