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Shiva Tech Engineering is the leading Ferrous Forging manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India. We Ferrous Forging Manufacturers in India specialize in creating complex shapes in a variety of sizes to meet our customers' most stringent specifications.

Ferrous Forging is the process of shaping metals or alloys that contain iron by applying pressure or impact. To provide optimal technical solutions to customers, helping them achieve higher profits, taking advantage of our rich experience in the forging industry.

We also provide value-added machining for forgings and offer shop-floor machining to meet customer needs.

Ferrous Forging Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India


  • • Our Ferrous Forging can produce any size or shape with full production flexibility and versatility of equipment.
  • • It can produce parts that have high strength, toughness, and machinability compared to other methods.
  • • This forging can improve the grain structure and reliability of the forged material.

Ferrous Forging Benefits

  • Ferrous Forging can reduce the material cost and energy consumption by using less expensive alloys and minimizing waste.
  • • It can produce parts that have better performance, range, and payload capabilities for aerospace, automotive, and heavy construction applications.
  • • It can produce parts that have high resistance to fatigue, wear, and deformation at high temperatures.


Product Name Ferrous Forging
Brand Shiva Tech Engineering
Metal Type Ferrous
Material Grade Customized
Application Industrial

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Ferrous forging is a process of shaping metal parts by applying pressure or impact on ferrous metals, which contain iron.

A: Our Ferrous forging offers advantages such as high strength, ductility, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, and grain orientation.

A: Ferrous forging faces disadvantages such as high initial cost, secondary finishing requirement, limited complexity, size restriction, and corrosion susceptibility.

A: Ferrous forging can be classified into two main types: hot forging and cold forging, depending on the temperature of the metal.


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