High Pressure Die Casting Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters In UAE

Shiva Tech Engineering is the best High pressure die casting manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in UAE. All our High Pressure Die Casting products are manufactured according to international quality and safety standards, using the best quality raw materials.

Our High Pressure Die Casting Manufacturers in UAE use the best quality raw materials and advanced technology to achieve exceptional quality levels.Our product range includes high pressure die casting, gravity casting, sand casting and hot chamber die casting.

We manufacture products that meet international quality and safety standards.Flexibility, quality, and cost-effectiveness set us apart from our competitors and help us provide the best services to our customers.

What is High Pressure Die Casting?

High Pressure Die Casting is a process of injecting molten metal into a mold cavity under high pressure, speed. Some features of high pressure die casting are:-

  • • High pressure die casting can produce complex and internal parts with high precision and accuracy.
  • • This casting can maintain tighter tolerances than other casting processes.
  • • It can cast thin-walled components that are not possible with other methods.


  • • Higher production rates than low pressure or gravity casting.
  • • Lower unit part costs than other processes such as CNC.
  • • Less machining or post-processing, as the surface finish is smooth and the mechanical features are excellent.
  • • Economical for mass production of castings, as the mold can produce thousands or millions of components before needing to be replaced.
  • • Environmentally friendly, as the metal scraps can be reused and recycled in subsequent cycles.

Product Specifications

Product Name High Pressure Die Casting
Brand Shiva Tech Engineering
Casting Type High Pressure
Feature High Operating Temperature
Usage Industrial

Frequently Asked Questions

High pressure die casting is a process of injecting molten metal into a mold cavity under high pressure and speed, and holding it until it solidifies.

Our High pressure die casting can produce fast, cost-effective, and complex parts with thin walls and fine details.

High pressure die casting is suitable for making parts from high-temperature metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and magnesium, such as automotive components, electrical devices, medical equipment, and household appliances.


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