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Shiva Tech Engineering is one of the best Brass alloy machine components manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in UAE. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our use of advanced machining techniques and modern infrastructure by our Brass alloy machine components manufacturers in UAE, ensuring consistent production of precision brass parts that meet meets the highest industry standards.

We greatly appreciate the importance of timely delivery in providing exceptional service.

Therefore, our dedicated logistics team works tirelessly to ensure timely and efficient delivery of brass turned parts to customers.

Our efficient logistics and supply chain management systems, combined with clear communication and an unwavering commitment to delivering quality bronze parts, enable us to consistently meet deadlines of our clients.

Info and Features

Brass alloy machine components are parts that are made of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. These machine components can serve in a variety of applications, such as bearings, bushings, compression fittings, gears, medical transmissions components, pipe fittings, and valves.


  • • These components have excellent resistance to seawater corrosion and are suitable for marine and naval applications.
  • • Our alloys are easy to machine and form and have high machinability ratings, especially the C360 alloy.
  • • They have a biocidal effect which makes them excellent for antibacterial applications, such as door handles, faucets, etc.
  • • It can be finished with chrome plating or nickel plating to improve their durability, aesthetics, and impact and corrosion resistance.


Product Name Brass Alloy Machine Components
Brand Shiva Tech Engineering
Component Material Brass
Working Temperature (in `C) 700 – 800
Application Industrial


  • • High tensile strength and low friction coefficient, making them ideal for intricate and low-friction parts like locks, gears, valves, and bearings.
  • • Cost-effective compared to pure metal and have high conductivity for electrical applications.
  • • Dimensional stability and are suitable for manufacturing with strict tolerances.
  • • Anti-bacterial and can prevent the spread of germs and infections.
  • • Heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures without losing their shape or properties.
  • • Environment friendly and can be recycled easily.


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